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Our dedicated Case Managers are standing by and ready to support you in whatever way they can. But for even more information, check out the following resources.

Downloadable resources

Deciphera AccessPoint™ brochure

An overview of the support services available through the dedicated Case Managers at Deciphera AccessPoint.
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Helpful Resources brochure

A large collection of valuable resources to support you on your treatment journey, available in one convenient download.
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Medicare Insurance brochure

A guide for patients and care partners who have Medicare as their insurance, including information about cost-saving programs such as Extra Help.
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Helpful Websites

Qinlock® (ripretinib) website

Learn everything you need to know about treatment with Qinlock.
Visit Qinlock Website

A disease education site brought to you by Deciphera

Living with this condition can be a challenge, but you're not alone. This site connects you with information and other resources to support you throughout your treatment journey.
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The Life Raft Group*

An organization dedicated to supporting people living with your condition.
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An organization dedicated to supporting people living with your condition.
Visit GSI

*Deciphera is not affiliated with these organizations, does not endorse any particular service or group, and is not responsible for the content on their websites or any services or resources they may provide.

Help getting Qinlock

Financial help and other services are available for people with different kinds of insurance, or no insurance at all.
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Enrollment is fast and easy. Your doctor's office submits a form and we take it from there.

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